Oksana Nazarova
Modern Art
Design and Decor of the Interior
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The creativity came to light in very early childhood due to Oxana’s father Ivan Vladimirovitch Nazarov (http://www.ivannazarov.com), the member of Artists' Union of Russia and other painters of the Soviet period.
Constant creative ambiance, plein air trips, various exhibitions played a great role in development of Oxana’s creative thinking. The first child’s drawings reflected the perception of the world, childhood experiences. Everything was expressed through the transformation of the forms, geometric and abstract lines together with the variety of the colours.

Oxana graduated from The Moscow College of Art Crafts with speciality painter and designer decorator in 2000.
The main course was the decorative solution for the small sized interiors, work with different materials such as leather, fabrics as well stained-glass windows designing and.... a painting.

Oxana graduated from the Moscow State Regional University (teacher's training college/ pedagogical institute named after Krupskaya N.K.) specializing in “Oil painting” in 2005.
An additional course “Ornamental composition” under the direction of Krylov V.P. strengthened the perception of the artistic image through geometry.

After graduation from the university, she turned her dream to become a designer –decorator, to work out the interior projects, into reality. In particular, Oxana specialized in nursery interiors of the famous “Vibel” company.

For a few years Oxana head a line as a designer-decorator in the showroom Promemoria Moscow.
Creator of this refined furniture Romeo Sozzi is well known all over the world.
He also influenced a lot on the artists’ creative works.
In parallel, Oxana worked on sketches, projects, conceived as in student years, and quite recently.

At present Oxana's creativity is focused on the development of her own style now- creating of the paintings especially for the projects and already existing interiors implented by famous architects and designers.

A special attention is paid not to the interior itself but more to creating of ambiance and reflecting of the inner world of the person living in this space. Such an approach can help to It create a special mood, fills the space with different emotions and unite versatile elements into a single entity. It is like a kaleidoscope that makes a real masterpiece from different small pieces of glass - lively, attractive and unique. 
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