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13.07.2013 “Kaleidoscope of emotions”
The name of the exhibition speaks for itself.

The main focus of the paintings displayed at the exhibition is set on emotions, feelings, worries and impressions. It is almost impossible to imagine our lives without these things. They can fill our hearts with endless joy, inspire us or make us sad.
The painter expresses the moments from the past and the present through vivid recollections about trips, feelings. The world around us with its nature, music, art is reflected in the pictures that are in front of you.

Artists’ creative works emphasize on people and psychological images.
Canvases are like an open book revealing the painter’s soul, her secrets in each page.
The author expresses her perception of reality, relations between people, their feelings, meetings, through colour, shape and lines (e.g. see the work “Interlacement” or “Two”)
“Interlacement” is a triptych that tells us a story of two people at different points in their lives. It is difficult to say what prevents them from meeting each other, staying together.
Is it because of the hustle and bustle of the city or just destiny? But absurd reality becomes unimportant when Love fills their hearts. This sacred meeting changes everything and makes life full of colours.
The work “Two” can evoke different images.
The painter tried to express unbelievable and overwhelming passion that could took the breath away. The passion that was powerful like a hurricane.
The artist invites you to her “Kaleidoscope of emotions”, to enjoy the sunny energy of the joy, visit the valley of bright emotions, feel the peace and quietness in the harbour of harmony.
These paintings will probably become a pure reflection of the visitors’ soul. On the one hand, it can become the key to the solution of some problems. On the other hand, this can be just a pleasant moment of catching the fragile beauty.
Kaleidoscope is derived from the Ancient Greek word:
καλός meaning “beautiful”, εἶδος stands for something that is seen:
form, shape and σκοπέω that is equivalent to look to, to examine.

With sincere gratitude and pure love to my parents
Marine Anatolievne and father Ivany Vladimirovichy.

Thanks to my friends and colleagues for their love and trust.
My special thanks to everybody who caused all kind of emotions even the negative ones:)
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