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16.12.2014. Color solutions in a modern interior.
The brands Promemoria and Christian Liaigre are the embodiment of the concept “modern classics” the same way as of the arts, the luxury and the style.
These both companies excel in creating splendid, elegant, individualized interiors and objects, which fairly often are unique.
To a true artist this is an inspiring factor, a flight of fancy, a storm of cheers and feelings, mutual love and longing for learning to create masterpieces equally as beautiful supplementing them with fresh colors.
Out of  all the luxuriance, richness of the fabrics, expensive materials, soft lines and shapes, combinations of textures and colors it springs up the geometrically clear, up-to-date, colorful bright in its artistic realization,  patchwork of  impressions, reminiscences, feelings and emotions.
The abstractness of the solution in Oxana Nazarova’s contemporary painting is not distracting the audience from admiring the Promemoria and the Christian Liaigre interiors in any way, but better giving sensuousness and personal expression.
Oxana Nazarova, the recognized master of decorative solutions of the small-sized interiors, presents her painting works, which harmonize both with modern and classic interiors as well as with small showrooms and exhibit rooms, and not less harmonious her paintings are near to the articles of many famous global brands.
The paradoxical combination, that makes so different articles to create a single art space.
With thanks,
The Center of design "ArtPlay"
"VesNa" top multibrand showroom
Bolshaya Dorogomilovskaya st, 11.
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